M.M., male 81 years, regular colds when exposed to mild cold wind or sudden temperature change, stress: after regular consumption of the tincture Solanaceae 3 x per day from 3 to 5 drops, the immunity was higly increased and he does not get ill anymore especially when seasonal diseases are about to begin.


L.T. female 45 years, diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, general poor health, exhaustion; after 14 days of regular consumption of the tincture Solanaceae 3 x per day from 3 to 5 drops she experienced more strenght, more energy, she felt her immunity was better and was generally feeling better; after few days of consumption she began to cough yellowish green mucus from her lungs and she continued to use the tincture and finally after one week the mucus became translucent and more liquid, the periods of spitting out the mucus were less and less frequent.


R.S. female 42 year, strong cold and weakened immune system, she was taking the tincture Solanaceae 2 x per day from 5 to 7 drops and this prevent her the progress into pneumonia according to the words of her doctor, after 3 days of regularly taking the tincture she was breathing more easily and was not suffocating anymore, the mucus she spitted out was not yellow anymore, but translucent, she experienced more energy and was feeling well.


J.K. female 72 year was taking the tincture Solanaceae for prevention 2 x per day up to 5 drops, she began to feel better, had better immunity and was feeling less exhausted.


M.K female 40 years, taking the tincture for prevention 3 x times per day from 5 to 8 drops due to exhaustion, overload at work and stress, after few days she was generally feeling better, experienced better immnuity, because she was not sneezing at the slightest breeze or fell ill due to seasonal diseases.


A.G. male 74 years, PSA marker elevated up to 18, after 3 months PSA marker dropped to 12 after regular consumption of the tincture Solanaceae 3 x per day from 5 to 8 drops together with additional nutrition supplement and prescrived chemotherapy; he is generally feeling better, has more energy for work, experiences less side effects after chemotherapy as expected.


A.F. female 30 years, persistent viral infection due to travels in Asia, after 2 months of regular consumption of the tincture Solanaceae 3 x per day from 4 to 7 drops, her laboratory tests showed better blood parameters condition, she was feeling much better, was finally able to sleep more deeply and calmly, had more energy to combat the stress of her everyday work.


R.K. male 33 years, mixed viral infection due to travels in Africa and Asia, after 2 months of regular consumption of the tincture Solanaceae 3 x per day from 5 to 8 drops the condition of his blood parameters was statistically and clinically better, he no more experinces nausea, is generally feeling better and noticed has better immunity towards seasonal diseases such as cold, influenza and similar.


D.T. M., her husband A.M. (50 yrs) in 6 month time clinically significantly reduced blood lipids with the regular use of drops Solanaceae, her father-in-law (80 yrs) managed to lower blood cholesterol as well according to favourable blood parameters analysis.


T.S. (65 yrs) significantly improved blood parameters especially lowered blood sugar with the use of drops Solanaceae. Significant improvement of blood sugar was detected also in 7 patients with diabetes type II. They were taking drops Solanaceae together with the prescribed antidiabetic therapy.


A.M. (60 yrs) from Zagreb reported to improve prognosis of breast cancer. She reported on significant improvement after 1 month of regular use of Solanaceae drops. This was clearly visible also on laboratory test of her blood parameters.


S.Š. (2 yrs). Little girl had severe problems with her lungs and was caughing all the time. What she received from her pediatrician it did not help. Her mother gave her a small cup of water to drink, where she diluted 3 drops Solanaceae. After one day the girl stopped caughing.


Š.G.  (55 yrs) is taking drops Solanaceae from September 2017. She reports on her better immune resistance, because during the winter time she was always ill. She is taking 3 drops Solanaceae in her tea each morning.


Z. G. (49 yrs) drink 1 L of water every day, where she diluted 1 drop Solanaceae. She claims to never again become ill due to season viral and/or bacterial infection diseases.


A.G. (80 yrs) was ill due to some viral disease. She had sickness and stomach problems. She drank a cup of tea with 3 drops Solanaceae. Next morning she was able to get up and function normally.


J. M. (60 yrs) had severe health problems every winter. This time she was drinking 3 drops Solanaceae in her morning tea. She was resistant enough to seasonal viral and bacterial infections. She reports to have mild digestion and gut problems.


Woman E.G., born 1964, chronic fatigue, exhaustion, trouble with breathing, constipation of sinuses, taking 3-5 drops three times daily for two days and experienced much more energy, she could breathe normally, sinuses began to clean


Boy T.I.B., born 2002, in 2011 diagnosis of asthma, regularly taking Ventolin, in june 2016 tried drops Solanaceae 3 drops three times daily, experienced immediate relief, has no longer need to take Ventolin, uses only drops Solanaceae and can breathe normally even in the presence of allergens


Man B.H., born 1945, diagnosed with serious skin malformation once again after five years (recurrent state), three weeks each day washing the affected site on the skin with the solution of sodium bicarbonate and then applying 3 drops of Solanaceae on each site. He was also taking 3 drops of Solanaceae three times daily. In the fourth week the affected site looked like a scab and after few days was removed. Underneath fresh healthy skin was visible.

After PDT.jpg   Before PDT.jpg


Man T.C. born 1956 diagnosed with rare type of uncurable disease, in April 2016 began to take drops Solanaceae 3 -5 drops three times daily together with selen, ubiquinol, Zeolit. Drops of S-GAMA GT from 9,12 to 3,61 in one month,drop of CRP from 241 to 55 in one month, S-LDH stopped rising rapidly (25).